Third Party Reviews

Jon and Keri Reid | October 07, 2018 |

"Hours say open until 6 pm, walked in at 2:45 today , Sun Oct 7, 2018 and they said they were “closed”. I don’t get it??"

Javid N. | October 04, 2018 |

"Not sure why your doors were closed today around 7:30pm when you advertise closing at 8:00pm. Very curious as to how that happens."

John G | September 22, 2018 |

"Just had my first experience. Got MVP with Brandi I give five stars for a fantastic job, well done. Brandi is vary gentle and responsive to every request . Thank you for an awesome experience. I will be back ."

Steve S. | February 01, 2013 |

"We had a bad experience at the Simi Valley SportClips relating to a coupon my son had been given for a free haircut. I posted the details of that on Yelp. The owner Staci contacted me immediately and apologized for my inconvenience and offered to make things right. My son went back and got his haircut - which turned out great. He also got the massage and hot towel treatment and loved it! We will definitely take him back in the future. Thank you Staci, I really do appreciate your follow up on this. --- IMPORTANT --- If you think the person who cuts your hair did a good job, be sure to request that same person the next time you go in.....seems like there are new people there each time we go, and some are definitely better than others."

S M. | December 04, 2015 |

"Here is what I don't like about it: They have a printout of what you had done last time, yet they don't use said printout, I get asked questions every five seconds, What number do you want the clippers; Squared or Rounded; How "much" do you want off, and probably at least ten, maybe more than that, questions. Half of which I don't know because I don't remember what I want done, and the other half should be clearly in the paper they printout. Also, they don't update the printout, i changed from 3 1/2 clipper to 3, and I still get asked, "So 3 1/2 again?" The last time I came in, I purposely said "I know you are going to ask me several questions, I trust your judgement, just cut it to however you think looks good. Any question you ask, I'll say "just do what you think looks good" Two seconds later, she says, "Ok after the clippers, we can talk about how much you want off the top" Are you serious? She could not, would not, get the picture, and kept asking. It got comical. Either she's brainwashed to have to ask for every thing because sport clips doesn't want to get yelled at for cutting hair wrong, or dumb. Also, they don't make an effort actually, you know, check the sports schedule that night, maybe have an important basketball game on instead, of like, college Lacrosse? In other words, know what sport trumps another. The only pro's are it's relatively cheap."

Rachel D. | August 14, 2018 |

"The best sport clips I've been to for my son. Cheryl did a wonderful job and was really sweet. The staff in general is the most friendly I've come across :)"

Kevin Kossow | July 28, 2018 |

"Hair stylists don't listen to what you want. I had a full head of hair to work with, told her not to cut the top and my cowlicks cuz my hair will stick out. She cut the top and buzzed my cowlicks. Second time I've gotten a bad cut. Never going again."

Scott K. | June 09, 2018 |

"Very friendly and quality haircuts. Fast service and get to watch the Baseball games. I have bought their hair gel and shampoo which is expensive but good. Overall I would say top 2 barber shops in Simi Valley"

Eddie G. | May 29, 2018 |

"Do not send your children here they fucked up my hairline and I didn't find out till a buddy of mine asked what happened. Go to a real barbershop they're overpriced for a bunch of middle aged women given haircuts"

Lars E. | May 25, 2018 |

"I love this place and I think the price is right. Always receive great service and cut from my stylist of choice. Not going to tell you who it is, but I always make sure she is there to cut my hair. Always pleased with the results, and a great personality. Got some sports on t.v too watch. Nice!"